Labour Mobility Support Agreement  (LMSA)

The Labour Mobility Support Agreement (LMSA) was developed and agreed upon by all of the occupational therapy regulators in Canada in support of the Agreement of Internal Trade (AIT), to promote the mobility of occupational therapists within Canada. It replaces the Occupational Therapy Mutual Recognition Agreement.
If you wish to apply under the Labour Mobility Support Agreement, you must arrange for completion of the Labour Mobility Support Agreement Confirmation Form by the regulatory organization with which you are currently regulated. First, fill in the Authorization for Release of Information portion of the LMSA Form and then send it to the regulatory organization in the province from which you are applying. You must still complete all sections of the New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists Registration Form. The documents regarding your education, past regulatory history and examination will be forwarded to the NBAOT by your current regulator as part of the LMSA. Contact the "sending" regulatory organization to inquire if there is a fee for completion of the LMSA Confirmation Form. The fee for such a request to the NBAOT is $40.00.
A Release of Information Form confirming your current regulatory history is also required.  Complete the Authorization for Release of Information portion of the form, send it to your current regulatory organization(s) and instruct them to return the completed form(s) directly to NBAOT.
You should consider that though you may qualify to apply under the LMSA, you may also qualify to apply under the regular route.  If you have questions regarding this, you are welcome to contact NBAOT to discuss your options.

Please note:
If you are not currently registered to practise as an OT in another Canadian province, you are not eligible to apply under the LMSA. You must apply for registration by completing the Registration Form and meeting all of the other registration requirements.

Check here for your required Registration Forms


LMSA Confirmation Form